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24/7 Services
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You came home late and couldn't unlock the front door? Your key is missing and you worry that someone else might use it? All of these urgent problems need a fast solution.

Lock Repair

Locksmith EmergencyIf you cannot insert the key into the lock or turn it to get in, it needs to be fixed as early as possible. It starts with checking and testing the lockset. Usually, the problem is with the cylinder and it should be fixed or replaced depending on its condition. If the locking mechanism is broken, it should be changed right away. Sometimes, the problem actually comes from the key. It could be bent, chipped or worn. While a bent key can be repaired, chipped and worn ones require replacement.

Help with Lost Keys

Anyone can lose the key to their home, office or car. In case of lockout, the solution starts with opening the door safely. The next step is the rekeying of the lock. It involves changing the pin configuration of the cylinder. This will prevent the old key from turning inside and unlocking the door. This will protect you in case someone finds the key and try to use it to get into your property. When rekeying is not possible because the lock is old or worn, replacement will be the only solution. The new key should be well cut and work flawlessly.

Safe Opening

The door is stuck and you don’t have access to your documents and valuables? The problem could be with the dial or the electronic keypad. There are repair techniques for fixing both types of components. If they are greatly damaged or broken, they will be replaced. Very often, the problem is with the handle. It has to be fixed or adjusted. If the locking mechanism has failed, it will need to be repaired or changed depending on the precise cause of the problem.

With our 24/7 services, you will always get solutions for lock and key problems fast. You can expect quick response and arrival regardless of the time of day or your particular location. At Locksmith Bromley, we repair and replace locks and keys of all types and brands.

Give us a call to get help without delay. Browse our website to learn more about our company and services.  

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