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How to Open a Safe Correctly

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Most businesses and many households have taken advantage of safe installation. This type of device is designed to provide protection from thieves, fire and water. Even though modern safes are designed to be strong, durable and highly resistant to picking and opening attempts and to damage, they have to be treated with care. In this way, a device can continue to work properly for many decades to come. Find out how to get things right when opening such a device.

Careful Unlocking

Make sure that your hands are clean - You would not want to leave marks of dirt and grease on the keypad or dial or on the handle of the safe. This is not only unsightly. It can cause keys or the dial to get stuck. These are fine mechanisms which deserve attentive use for avoiding safe lockout.How to Open a Safe Correctly

Enter the combination carefully - When there is an electronic keypad, you simply have to enter the numbers in the right sequence to get the safe unlocked. Once you have done this, you will hear a small click which indicates that all has gone well. When you use a device with a dial, you should turn it slowly. Typically, you have to turn the dial four times to the left and stop at the first number, then three times to the right for the second number, then two times to the left for the third number and then one time to the right until it stops on its own. When the dial is turned to the left, the numbers are ascending. When it is turned to the right, the opposite happens.

Proper Handle Operation

Get comfortable grip over the handle and apply pressure in forward and downward direction - Then you simply need to pull the handle gently and the door should open. You must never use a great amount of force while opening your safe.

Check the condition of the door and handle if you cannot open the device - Get the handle in your hand and push it gently upwards. It should jiggle a bit in your hand, if it is in proper working condition. When you push the door slightly inwards, it should move a bit. If either the hand or the door is stuck, timely repair is required.
Re-enter the combination if the handle and door are in good condition but you cannot open the safe - Listen to any strange sounds. If you have a dial, you should watch its behaviour closely. If it does not stop where it should with the final turning, there is something wrong with the locking mechanism and lock repair will be required.

You must never attempt to fix a safe by yourself even if the problem seems simple and easy to resolve. You would not want to risk damaging the locking mechanism and breaching the warranty.

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