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Think About Lock and Key Maintenance

Think About Lock and Key Maintenance
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Lock and key mechanisms require significant attention. You need to keep them working properly at all times. Otherwise, you will jeopardize your home security. If you don’t perform essential maintenance, you may also be subjected to costly repairs. Plus, there’s the possibility of suffering from a traumatic lockout.

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Lock and Key MaintenanceWith all the problems that a mismanaged security system could pose, you should start now, minding about lock and key maintenance services. We offer the following tips:

Tip #1: Perform a maintenance drill at least every six months. This should include checking if your door knobs and latches are losing grip, if the key are properly lubricated, and if the keyholes are not sticky.

Tip #2: Apply a suitable lubricant to the keyholes and latches and keys so they run smoothly, not putting pressure on both ends, which could damage your system in the process. WD-40 has been tried and tested to work for this purpose effectively. To do this right, lube up the keyhole, insert the key and then work it a few times.

Tip #3: For old locks, decide whether you need lock change or key replacement. To check if they can still work efficiently, disassemble the locks, lubricate the moving parts of the lockset, and then reinstall it. Try it and see if it is still functional.

Tip #4: If you only have British standard locks installed, you may want to consider reinforcing your security mechanism with a high tech lockset. Check the available options and see what is suitable for your home style. There are a variety of choices from master key systems to high security locks, peepholes, CCTV, alarm systems, and deadbolts.

Tip #5: Always trust the professional experts from our company for any complicated processes. You need our expertise and experience to work for you.

Lock and key mechanisms are essential notes to your family’s safety. If you want to feel safe within your estate, better make sure that you pay serious attention to the tools that guard you against burglaries and unauthorized entries. Keep them working so they continue to be functional. Maintenance is key.

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